Future Foundation

An organization dedicated to humanitarian and techno-humanitarian initiatives to form the desired image of the future, which includes the value of: the survival and development of humanity, freedom, diversity, respect for human dignity, and others. Some of the recent major projects hosted by Future Foundation include the lab "30 years before Noon " which took place in the gamified setting of the Noon Universe based on the books by Strugatsky brothers, conference on the Ethics of Technology and the cycle of seminars on the interaction of technology and society.
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We observe that the main technologies have always been developed by hierarchical structures that want to strengthen their own position. There is a lot of examples of negative scenarious, for example the mind control towers from the novel "Inhabited Island" by the Strugatsky brothers. How can we avoid such a scenario for the application of neurotechnology? Technologies that transform human identity have a significant influence on possible future scenarios and may alter them from the most positive to the most negative. We can not stop the continued evolution of technology new technologies will always appead. Instead, we see this laboratory as a space to develop a different approach — one of personal responsibility — to the use of technology. This approach asks us to be conscious of the image of our desired future and use technology toward that end.
Advisory Board
Maksim Kiselev

doctor of social psychology, mentor and expert of the Skolkovo Foundation, mentor of SkolTech projects
Graduated from the Faculty of nano bio information and cognitive technologies of MIPT and the Open University Skolkovo. Previously, he worked at Autodesk and Robotics Center of Skolkovo Foundation and was Head of STS Department of the Moscow Technological institute.