With the term "societal collapse" we mean an uneven ending of industrial consumer modes of sustenance, shelter, health, security, pleasure, identity and meaning.

The introduction to the Deep Adaptation book

It does not need to lead to paralysis or depression, but to being fully present to life in every moment, however it manifests. This approach is the opposite of othering and arises from a loving mindset, where we experience universal compassion to all beings.

The Love in Deep Adaptation – A Philosophy for the Forum

There is a path and it leads beyond despair... So what of our future?

Grieve Play Love

Jem Bendell

Here are documentaries and recordings of the events happened during the Gathering:
"Voices of Immersion" film (english subtitles)
"Ecological Insanity" - a live story by Andrew McMillion
Earth ceremony - local groups sharing after Radical Joy ceremonies
"Point of Return" documentary (don't forget to turn on subtitles)
"The Practice of Living Tradition and Spiritual Forests Initiation" with Antonina Kulyasova and Konkankoh Joshua
So we are entering now this time of… I call it, ‘The Space between Stories.’ Like, we don’t know anymore what the answer is. We don’t know who we are. We don’t even know what’s real. Because on every level, the story that answered those questions is breaking down, politically, economically, and especially technologically and in our relationship to nature. So that leaves us not knowing. And it leaves us open to another story, which is the new and ancient story of… I use the word ‘Interbeing’.

Separation vs Interbeing

Charles Eisenstein

We invited people who are not in denial about the situation and ready to live and to act together in the world as it is. We invited people of different professions and backgrounds, especially activists, artists, researchers and protectors of ecosystems, alternative education practitioners, urban and rural communities and ecovillages members, thinkers, philosophers and writers, social entrepreneurs, traditional knowledge holders, psychologists and psychotherapists, cultural workers, meditation practitioners, natural beekeepers, forest gardeners, seed savers and farmers practising regenerative agriculture.

During the event there were no clear borders between organizers and participants of the process. The Gathering is a joint action, defined by all participants as a living community of human beings.

Deep Live Gathering is an experimental multi-local non-commercial event organized by some participants of Deep Adaptation Forum, Norwegian Seeds Savers, On the Edge and We here projects. The Gathering has no financial support from DAF or other organizations. It is funded by donations; participants of local gatherings were invited to pay for living and travel costs and to help those who does not have this possibility. We are grateful for those who are able to support this project.

It involves waking up to, and celebrating, our radical inter-being, our inseverable participation in the sacred web of life.

The Great Turning: Reconnecting Through Collapse

Joanna Macy

Who are we?
The Deep Live Gathering international team
Irina Sardarova
Master of ecology, researcher of plant disases, children eco-education practicioner, macrame artist
Dorian Cave
PhD researcher at the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability, University of Cumbria (UK). Curator of the Professions' Network (and Acting Coordinator) on the Deep Adaptation Forum.
Katerina Po
Mushroom-human. Looking for tools that can help to shift civilization development from an anthropocentric to a biocentric paradigm.
Igor Polskiy
Master of cultural studies, PhD in social philosophy, Facilitation Coordinator in Deep Adaptation, board member of Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Union.
Alisa Dendro
The member of Baltic Ecovillage Network and Swedish NGO Relearn; an activist of European meta-network of community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainable development ECOLISE

Tom Schloegel

Fundraising Coordinator in the Deep Adaptation Forum, a resident of Brooklyn, NYC. Interacting with communities of like-minded activists, pondering internal, interpersonal, and practical adaptations to our predicament.

Sasha Daucus

Earth Lover channeling that passion through active membership in Radical Joy for Hard Times; Deep Adaptation Forum; and Ozark Area Community Congress.

Abdul Otman
Board member of Global Ecovillage Network Europe and Swedish NGO Relearn, staff member of ECOLISE. A student of life that can't miss a learning opportunity. From an IT engineer to a now ecovillage resident, preparing for our uncertain future.
Andrew McMillion
Board member of the Norwegian Seed Savers and a farmer focused on seed saving, ecosystems, De-growth, Permaculture Deep Ecology and reconnecting with nature as a remedy to the climate crisis.
Michel Alexander Spaan
Respiration, meditation, ecobuildiing and seedbank activist from France / Netherlands / Thailand / Montenegro
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