Deep Live Gathering
We are the life
Deep Live Gathering is a multi-local non-commercial event which combine offline and online processes.

In October 30 - November 5 we invite you to gather in different places around the globe in order to meet each other in physical, virtual and spiritual spaces.
We find ourselves in a moment of separation: with ourselves, with community, with nature. With life itself.

We are simplified and mortified by the digital reality. We simplify and kill natural systems. We kill each other - literally - in wars. We break ties and chains of trust, threads of mycelium, in time - between generations - and in space.

Realization of this situation is so painful that avoiding the truth has become the new normal. We seem to choke under water, forgetting that somewhere above us there is air and sunlight.

But this light exists and it is not only above us, but in ourselves - in our hearts and our bodies. Life is us and we ourselves are life.

We are here and we are alive. Life flows through us. We call to reconnect with life and gather in communal circles on Earth, connecting our bodies and our hearts. To remember and experience intimacy and trust. To love each other in every sense of this word. To find courage in community and to act together for the sake of life, love and flourishing of all sentient beings.

We are calling to you to gather in your region in order to be together, share food, words and ceremonies, to embrace biocentric worldview and undertake regenerative lifestyle and practices.
We invite people who are not in denial about the situation and ready to live and to act together in the world as it is. We invited people of different professions and backgrounds, especially activists, artists, researchers and protectors of ecosystems, alternative education practitioners, urban and rural communities and ecovillages members, thinkers, philosophers and writers, social entrepreneurs, traditional knowledge holders, psychologists and psychotherapists, cultural workers, meditation practitioners, natural beekeepers, forest gardeners, seed savers and farmers practising regenerative agriculture.
Who do we call
  • During the process there will be no clear borders between organizers and participants.
  • The Gathering is a joint action, defined by all participants as a living community of human beings.
  • Deep Live Gathering is a non-commercial event. Participants in local groups can contribute money for accommodation and meals, and they can also help those who cannot afford to contribute. However, no fees can be charged from participants for the international program of Deep Live Gathering, including ceremonies and online meetings, as well as for participation in live processes in the local group.
  • Deep Live Gathering organized by some participants of Deep Adaptation Forum, Relearn, On the Edge, Radical Joy for Hard Times and We here projects. The Gathering has no financial support from DAF or other organizations. It is funded by donations.
About event
    The dates of Deep Live Gathering 2023 are October 30 - November 5. The local gathering could be the whole week long, a few days or just one day long.

    The main flow of the program is:

    October 30 (Mon). The opening day. Introduction of each other and preparation for the Earth Ceremony. Online
    October 31 (Tue). Samhain and the Earth Ceremony day. Offline ceremonies in different places
    November 1 (Wed). The reflection day. Sharing after the ceremonies. Online
    November 2 (Thu). The silence day. Offline.
    November 3 (Fri). The content day. Online.
    November 4 (Sat). The gathering day.
    • 11:00-11:40 CET Peace Prayers Circle. Online.
    November 5 (Sun). We are the life. The closing day. Online
    • 11:00-12:30 CET Living through multicrisis. Strategies: to Run or to Slow Down? Online

    Common online events will happen in the time window appropriate for Europe and Americas (Europe evening = Americas morning). Each of the group also has its own offline program, you define it yourselves. There are also rooms in the common program for online processes you would like to share with other groups and individuals.

    About Earth Ceremony

      On Tuesday October 31 the Earth Ceremony will be. Below is a base description of how you can hold a ceremony.

      Choose a place that you can physically visit, ideally outside. It can be any place that calls your
      attention and that you have some curiosity about. It might be a place that shows signs of collapse
      and damage. As those of us who are part of Deep Adaptation know, we are likely to encounter an
      increasing number of wounded places as climate change gathers force, and it’s important to honor
      them for all they have given and can't give anymore.

      Go to the place and sit for a while together with your group. Share stories about what the place
      means to you. If it is new to you, what do you notice about it?

      Spend some time individually connecting with and exploring this place.

      Come back together, sit with your group, and share what you discovered with others.

      Make a simple gift of beauty for the place together with your group. Many people choose to make a
      bird or a mandala out of the stones, twigs, and other materials they find in the place.

      Take a photo or video if you want to share it with others during the online session on November 1st.
      Send it to so that we will include it in a sharing.

      For inspiration, you can see examples of how others have done their ceremonies:

      If you are curious to explore more about similar Earth Practices, specifically for Wounded Places, visit

      You can find a video about the Earth Ceremony below:

      Earth Listening presentation

        Also one of the practices that you can do in your local group is Earth Listening. You can find a video presentation of this practice below:
        We only have to go back 8-10 generations to find relatives in the lineages of contemporary white Europeans, who experienced the breakage in the connection to nature, to the cycles of the seasons and traditions that provided communal containers for collective experiences

        Steffi Bednarek

        Climate change, fragmentation and collective trauma

        Map of the Deep Live Gathering 2023
        You can click on the host's icon to view details: the expected number of participants, plans for the local process, and contact information for the organizers you can reach out to for participation in this group.

          After all, what is a Butterfly if not a Caterpillar beyond its' wildest dreams?


          Song "Metamorphosis"

          Videos from the past years

          Some documentaries and recordings of the events happened during the Gatherings 2021-2022:

          The Earth Ceremony day in Lovchen national park, Montenegro group, Balkans
          "The Practice of Living Tradition and Spiritual Forests Initiation" with Antonina Kulyasova and Konkankoh Joshua
          Earth ceremony - local groups sharing after Radical Joy ceremonies
          "Point of Return" documentary (don't forget to turn on subtitles)
          Come around the fire, let us swap our stories of these ways of being and becoming, let us heal the wounds and tears this paradigm and system has inflicted on us. Let’s make kinship, let’s belong together and let’s love who we are and what we have left.

          Skeena Rathor

          Let’s become free together

          Who are we?
          The Deep Live Gathering international team
          • Katerina Po
            Mushroom-human. Looking for tools that can help to shift civilization development from an anthropocentric to a biocentric paradigm.
          • Igor Polskiy
            Master of cultural studies, PhD in social philosophy, Facilitation Coordinator in Deep Adaptation, board member of Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Union.
          • Dorian Cave
            PhD researcher at the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability, University of Cumbria (UK). Curator of the Professions' Network (and Acting Coordinator) on the Deep Adaptation Forum.
          • Peter Levich
            Traveler, life explorer, facilitator of processes, meditative, somatic and spiritual practices.
          Contact us
          If you have any questions or suggestions we will be happy to get in touch with you

          Igor Polsky:
          Peter Levich:
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            Deep Live Gathering organized by some participants of Deep Adaptation Forum, Relearn, On the Edge, Radical Joy for Hard Times and We here projects. The Gathering has no financial support from DAF or other organizations. It is funded by donations.

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