Seed Conference - June 1-3, 2021
Learning ecosystems
Balkans, Montenegro, Budva and online
Education is not only preparing for life. It is life

Education we need now is not only a reflection of the current society.
It is a prototype of the desired tomorrow

We invite you to design and to weave a learning ecosystem together

We call people from different countries, interested in education, ecology and future:

• learning ecosystems experts and practitioners;

• innovative teachers, navigators, tutors and curators of educational projects;

• youth organizations leaders and changemakers;

• government agencies representatives interested in education for the future;

• businessmen and entrepreneurs caring for teens and youth;

• parents looking for an alternative to the old school system;

• teenagers who want to be heard and interested in finding new ways of self-expression;

• school and traditional education institutions looking for a new path for education corresponding to real life and future.

The mission

For the local project
• clarification of the concept and joint designing of the educational hub in Budva;
• collecting a request for education from the local community;
• search for practitioners and specialists who are ready to act together
• building the international team for the educational hub project.
• collecting the agenda and planning the further events (larger kick-off conference in Autumn 2021).
For the region
• initial mapping of the regional learning ecosystem;
• meeting with the actors of education, practical experience exchange;
• hearing the request of citizens and youth;
• uniting a region around the common perspective and aims;
• reflection on the educational strategy and long-term strategic planning;
• synchronization of the region with global rhythms, changes and innovations
For the world
• international links and connections,
collaborative projects and activities;
• meeting cultures, hearing each other, building peaceful relations, mutual understanding and cooperation;
• connecting active youth and changemakers;
• initiating a new generation that is ready to act in the changing world;
• transition of the education towards resilient and regenerative culture
The conference will take place mainly in Dukley conference-hall and Dukley Academy, Budva. Foreign guests have the opportunity of free accomodation in the Harmonia hotel during the conference 1-3 of June (and a couple of days after it).

Some of the conference events will be blended and open for online participation.

Organizers and partners