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We are engaged in humanitarian and techno-humanitarian initiatives aimed at shaping desired future, balancing techno-optimism, deep humanism and wellbeing of all living creatures.

We propose to work with future as a space of personal responsibility. And we suggest not only to form the image of the desired future, but also to see your personal position in it.

We are engaged in research, education and enlightenment activities.
Our activities
Our activities can be presented as ecosystem of projects that have supportive and mutually reinforcing actions, but at the same time they have different focuses of work and methodologies.

Most of our projects exist in one of the following formats: an event (for example, a conference or school), a series of events (for example, a series of lectures and workshops on a one topic or for an organization), research, a series of articles. But there are also projects that are difficult to attribute to a common format.
Сurrent and upcoming projects
Сompleted projects
Partnership projects
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Our Partners
Future Foundation activities would not be possible without other projects, activities, initiatives and places. And even wider - it continues the ideas that hundreds of people around the world have worked and worked on.

Sometimes the legacy is obvious, sometimes the connections are subtle and invisible - in the end, we do not know what influenced us, what inspired us and put meaning into the back streets of our subconscious.

Nevertheless, below we tried to make such a list:
Laboratory "Culture of the Future"
No More War Festival
Ecovillage Suderbyn and NGO Relearn
• Ecological community "Upper Bereznik"
Global Education Futures Initiative
Protopia Labs Movement
• Event "Immersion: Education for a Resilient Future"
• The "New Horizons" Working Group on the "Foresight Fleet 2016"
Moscow technological institute
Open University of Skolkovo
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Peter Levich
Founder of Future Foundation
Contact Us
Peter Levich
Founder of Future Foundation