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October 30 - November 5 2023
Multi-local non-commercial event which combine offline and online processes.We invite you to gather in different places around the globe in order to meet each other in physical, virtual and spiritual spaces.
Non-atropocentric architecture prototyping
Reflections upon the bases, deep ecology, research and transformation of culture
October 12-19, 2022
We've gathered in different places around the globe in order to meet each other in physical, virtual and spiritual spaces. We will share our grief, fear, anger, love, joy, compassion and trust that we have in times of collapsing unsustainable civilization. We do not have false hopes, but we do have a community of each other.
June 1-3, 2021
Education is not only preparing for life. It is life. Education we need now is not only a reflection of the current society. It is a prototype of the desired tomorrow. We invite you to design and to weave a learning ecosystem together.
A worldwide distributed network of microservers with instant messenger and digital archive, which in case of disconnection of the external Internet will continue to work locally in their communities.
October 21-27, 2021
21-27 of October 2021 (few days before the COP26) we gathered in different places around the globe in order to meet each other in physical, virtual and spiritual spaces. Six local gatherings were assembled in Russia, Montenegro, Germany, in the USA, on the Isle of Man and many people joined online events.
Research and prototyping of non-anthropic communication technopractices
September 19-20, 2020
Vibe of the Forest is a location that will appear during the Vibe of the Earth Festival. Here we invite you to dialogue with non-human beings and perform a joint action. Connection to the ancient knowledge of Nature through communication with plants and other species, including ourselves.
2020, March 5-10
An international immersion in the northern village
2019, March 5-9
An international collective experiment to prototype desired future, balancing techno-optimism, deep humanism and wellbeing of all living creatures.
2018, April 29 - May 9
An international collective experiment to prototype desired future, balancing techno-optimism, deep humanism and wellbeing of all living creatures.
2018, March 8-12
The second international unconference in a northern village in Russia. 5 days and 50 participants from different countries. It is a place and time for a deep reflection and critical insights on human and nature integrity in a rapidly developing world.


Global Education Futures
This Report is a product of a long-term cooperation between Global Education Futures and WorldSkills Russia experts. We believe that mankind should take a serious approach towards the formation of a desired image of the future. One should not treat the future as a simple continuation of the present, as if tomorrow does not differ from the previous day. Education and skill development is one of the most conservative areas. Sometimes training programmes remain unchanged for decades. We believe that this approach will lead us nowhere. We hope that this Report will contribute to the formation of a probable positive image of the future, which in turn will require conscious joint efforts of many actors of modern economy. Here it is summary of the report.
Global Education Futures
This report is the culmination to date of Global Education Futures (GEF) explorations of how to design, prototype, and evolve educational systems and build learners capacity to co-create thriving futures while collaborating globally in a complexifying world. Created in 2014 as an international platform bringing together shapers and sherpas of global educational systems,
Global Education Futures provided a forum for international dialogues and collective creativity sessions in the US, Russia, European Union, Asia, Latin America, South Africa, and New Zealand.
Steffi Bednarek
This article explores psychological responses to climate change with the lenses of brain hemisphere imbalance, the fragmentation process of collective trauma and the Jungian maturation theory of two halves of life, which views suffering as a necessary component in the move towards a ripened culture. The perspective of climate trauma is widened to an inter-generational aspect. The article argues that the disowned and marginalised aspects of society need to be re-integrated, bridging cultural compartmentalisation and balancing the unequal representation of left and right hemisphere attributes. The writing itself aims to demonstrate this by weaving in and out of different paradigms.
Nicole and Alexandr Gratovsky
A very insightful reading about this amazing and changing year. "Deterrence" allows us to re-live not the events, but the states of 2020
Igor Polskiy
Charles Eeisenstein
Essay about coronavirus, death, life and happines, published with theĀ author'sĀ consent.
Andrew McMillion
Report about participation at Immersion "Seeds of Action: Post-Apocalyptic Hopelessness and Hope"
Igor Polsky, Peter Levich, Katerina Po, Elena Skibina, Dmitry Khaliullin
50 people speaking different languages, belonging to various cultures, majoring in different disciplines gathered in the south of Arkhangelsk region in March, 2020. We all have been looking at the present and to the future without avoiding the immersion in such topics as crises and catastrophes.
Andrew McMillion
Growth is simply one step in ecosystems resonance, and exponential growth is only one very short phase in countless cycles of waves of ecosystem evolution

Board of trustees

Expert at the international educational initiative Global Education Futures, curator of science-art performance Neuro Sync , head of the Deep humanism laboratory at the International School of Human Rights and Civic Actions.
Founder Global Education Futures, Professor of Practice at Moscow School of Management Skolkovo
Philosophy PhD, Head of the Department of Socio-Humanitarian Sciences in Horoshkola, Ecological Settlements researcher.
Life explorer, traveler, facilitator


International collaborative platform that brings together shapers and sherpas of global education to discuss and implement the necessary transformations of educational ecosystems for thrivable futures.
The educational system that prepares practitioners in the field of human sciences
Educational project and discussion platform for discussing the future of human society
Economy, ecology, social engineering and culture of living together
Agrolandaft architecture

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