On the edge
Reflections upon the bases, deep ecology, research and transformation of culture
Indigenous cultures
Transformational processes
How can we break through conventional "truths", our own prejudices and psychological defense mechanisms in order to live through the current ecological situation without hiding from difficult questions and complicated conclusions?

How can we look clearly at the interaction of our economic system with the biosphere, our civilization with what remained from indigenous and traditional cultures, our cognition tools, engineering thought and education with such complex systems as the global ecosystem or modern civilization?

Can we use "right hemisphere" creative and intuitive approaches of dealing with the reality alongside with rational and system thinking methods? How can we address those big questions without getting trivial and hiding from emerging answers?

How can we move from discussing these answers to also implementing them in everyday practice: individually and in our communities, projects and organizations?

How can we change ourselves and go through deep transformational process necessary in the period of changes and crises when the past turns into the future so rapidly? How should we act in a complex chaotic world where according to the systems theory a slightest action may cause enormous changes?

We invite you to seek and find answers to these questions, build bridges, share experience, achieve synergy in cooperation and create common projects for future.
Indigenous cultures
Transformational processes