On the edge
Art can evoke strong feelings and lead to experience catharsis, it can bring insights, change the state of consciousness, transfer a complex system of ideas and inspire to action. We recognize and apply various forms of artistic practices (from traditional to contemporary) and invite to cooperate artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers and animators, representatives of theatrical, performative, conceptual and interactive art.

We consider art in a broad sense as a special way of exploring, reflecting, living through our reality. Addressing primarily to senses, art is able to evoke the immediate live response of the body and soul, bypassing protective mechanisms and habitual patterns of our world perception. So it gives a chance, at least for a while, to get out of the usual state of mind and pass beyond the conventional reality. Thus, it helps to live through and give birth to a different alternative vision, new connections, meanings, values, relationships.

Of course, this kind of art can hardly become mass art. And still we are interested in that art and, respectively, those artists who do not create from the current social matrix, but rather proceed from not-knowing, from the point of zero. With their artistic work they rediscover themselves, the world, other people, trying to discern the hidden unspoken side of the reality. In the context of reflecting on ourselves and the society while looking for alternatives, we turn to the art that tries to raise questions, seeks answers, looks deeper, to the art that tries to find and show something real, honest, sincere in ourselves and in the world around us. It attempts to recall and restore the forgotten connection with the primal, natural, with the basis that is hard to define with words, but everyone can intuitively feel it... In other words, it is about seeking the truth and transformation through art which recognizes and uses a wide range of tools to learn and create, gives a holistic experience, affecting both rational and sensitive, intuitive and bodily levels of human being.

In the fall of 2018 the international art project "We are" started. It expresses many of the presented here ideas, images and aspirations. The project is focused on music, animation, game design, environmental and social activism and ecophilosophy.

In the spring of 2019 within the framework of "We are" project the art-laboratory "We are here: companions in the wilds" took place in Arkhangelsk region. If you are interested in co-creation, contact us:

Now we are preparing the first fiction book for publication, which appeared as a result of international Pilgrimage on the island of Gotland (the art project of Juanma Gonzalez). If you are working with artistic and journalistic texts or connected to publishing, translation and texts promotion, we will be glad to cooperate.
Indigenous cultures
Transformational processes