On the edge
In March 2017 at our main educational venue — a small northern village in the south of the Arkhangelsk Region we organized an international immersion event "Education for the Resilient Future". Participants were educators and educational programs creators, ecologists, researchers, permaculture experts, psychologists and philosophers from Russia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, the United States and other countries.

One of the results of this event was initiation of Ecostream educational program on the methodological basis of Metaversity. The educational tracks of the program were the following: life ecotechnologies, ecoentrepreneurship and ecoactivism, community building and ecology of relations, forest and nature protection, permaculture and territory planning, ecophilosophy and traditional culture, ecoarchitecture and green urbanism.

During the first 2017-2018 educational year Ecostream students from Moscow and other cities were trained on several tracks with regular on-line participation and full-time visiting sessions. Ten immersion events were held for the students and wider public in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk region, Karelia and ecocommunities of Kaluga and Tula regions. You can find out more about Ecostream and how to participate on the website:

In March 2018 the second international immersion event took place: "Ecophilosophy. On the edge". This event led to a new deeper level of living through and understanding the current processes, challenges of our days, realizing the interconnections of ecology, violence, peacemaking, economics, psychology and culture. This second event "opened a new chapter" and led to creating this website. The third international immersion happened in March 2019 (it was the art-laboratory "We are here: companions in the wilds").

In 2019 we are planning the develop and structure the educational track "Ecophilosophy" within the Ecostream educational program. We are preparing educational events combining both critical approaches with the experiences based on "right hemisphere" creative and intuitive activity. We invite people to study regardless their academic education (or its absence) to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their environment, acquire reflexive and critical thinking skills, and possibly join research activities. Completed researches and philosophical articles can be found in the Ecophilosophy section.

We believe that ecophilosopher is one of the nearest future professions and offer to develop together in this direction, for the sake of personal development, self-realization in environmental activities or in a professional academic university sphere. We work in two languages, so a good knowledge of English is an advantage, but is not a compulsory requirement for learning.

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