Protopia Retreat
A collective experiment to prototype desired future, balancing techno-optimism, deep humanism and wellbeing of all living creatures. Beginning of May 2018.
Global problems
Current global challenges, such as ecological crisis and militarization, are results of existing hierarchical institutions of power. That is the reason why those institutions will never be able to address them in a proper way.

Those increasing challenges are outcomes of a growing complexity of the technological and social systems of humanity. Militarisation is growing due to increasing number of actors and complexity of connections in the global political arena.

Those problems cannot be solved by inventing any new technology, we need to redesign our way of thinking. Ecosystem of our planet is much more complex than any technological project ever created by human beings. We need to get rid of mechanistic hierarchy and embrace more holistic and evolutionary approach to reality.
Glocal solutions
There are many organisations, institutions, communities and projects that are shaping a new world.

We have a hypothesis that the new thinking should be based on principles of evolution that can be observed around us.

One of such principles is diversity. Different forms of organisations and different ways of livie should have an ability to thrive. Different hypotheses should be tested. We need to support the culture of experiment and prototyping.

Technoashram should be a place for such experiments. Technoashram Protopia Retreat is the prototype we are ready to deploy.
This prototype is created around several ideas: Living together, Prototyping the future, combining technology and practices.
Living together in nature
Living together in closed community that is based on trust and sincerity and not on hierarchy and competition. Being surrounded by nature. Cooking and doing chores together. Celebrating each day with each other. This should help us better understand our own emotions and limitations which hinder our ability to collaborate with others.
Prototyping technology
Technological solutions for globlal, glocal and local challenges. Development of technologies outside of hierarchical institutions. Giving equal focus on technological and human dimension. Unifying ontologies.
Prototyping the future
Sharing our visions of possible futures and desired scenarios. Approaching destiny as a process defined by our personal and collective choices. Creating a space to prototype and test practices and technologies that align with the vision of the desired scenarios. Our own process will model a value-based community that is creating the future here and now, within every particular moment.
Arriving to here and now. Collective and individual practices. Balanced awareness of inner and outer world. Looking at global challenges through personal emotions.
Who are we waiting for
We invite those, who are making the world to be a place of desired future. Who are ready to arrive to "here and now", willing to coexist together and open to discover something about themselves and about the world.

We invite those, who are ready to embrace new technologies as posssible tool to solve global, glocal and local problems.

Who are ready to embrace traditional practices as wholistic approach to deal with complexity.
Some practical details
10 days in beginning of May 2018. The minimum period of participation is 5 days.


More information about the venue
• Participants can choose to live in houses or in tents
• Fast Internet and electricity of sufficient capacity
• Place for group processes for 20-30 people
• Facilities to cook food
• Surrounded by nature
• Isolated environment without bypassers or other guests
An organization dedicated to humanitarian and techno-humanitarian initiatives to form the desired image of the future, which includes the value of: the survival and development of humanity, freedom, diversity, respect for human dignity, and others. Some of the recent major projects hosted by Future Foundation include the lab "30 years before Noon " which took place in the gamified setting of the Noon Universe based on the books by Strugatsky brothers, conference on the Ethics of Technology and the cycle of seminars on the interaction of technology and society.
Future Foundation
Founder of Future Foundation, a member of the advisory board of the BeEasy project. He graduated from the Faculty of nano bio information and cognitive technologies of MIPT and the Open University Skolkovo. Previously, he worked at Autodesk and Robotics Center of Skolkovo Foundation and was Head of STS Department of the Moscow Technological institute.
Expert at the Global Education Futures initiative, curator of science-art performance Neuro Sync, head of the Deep humanism laboratory at the International School of Human Rights and Civic Actions. Co-curator of the "Culture of the Future" laboratory. Curator of the tutoring program at the University of National Technology Initiative. In 2013-2015 has been teaching courses and doing research on human rights and moral psychology at Miami University (Ohio, USA). The course has been developed within the experimental framework "Mindfulness practices in higher education".

Ivan Ninenko
Peter Levich
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