Ecodorp Bergen, The Netherlands, September 19-20
Vibe of the Forest
Vibe of the Earth Festival 2020
Vibe of the Forest is a location that will appear during the Vibe of the Earth Festival. Here we invite you to dialogue with non-human beings and perform a joint action. Connection to the ancient knowledge of Nature through communication with plants and other species, including ourselves.
During the festival, we will hold lectures & discussions and provides different kinds of interactive and introspective formats and practices.
- deforestation
- grieve
- de-commodification
- return to the roots
- healing
- regeneration of ecosystems.
Main topics of our location
During these days, we will give try to find a common language between the world of "nature" and "city", how to shift political goals, and base them on a philosophy of deep ecology. We will be glad to share with you what we know and learn from what you will bring.

Below you can find more about our philosophy and methodology
More and more we hear about an urgent environmental situation. These voices started to sound long time ago but usually we don't try to listen to them. Now these sounds become louder. More people can recognize them. Human voices start to join this call, and now we can understand what they try to tell us. They tell us about reality. The reality we try to avoid with all of our strength. Still most of these voices are marginalized as they don't belong to a common type of symbolic language. These voices and signs belong to nature as an interconnected web of life. We believe that rivers, animals, trees, and mushrooms can talk with us and we try to give them a chance to be heard.

To hear these voices we should pass a journey. We should return to our roots, turn to our memory, our senses and bodies to change the way of our understanding. We refuse to see things which are in front of us. Returning the lost ability to hear and to see atypical voices and signs of human and non-human communication is our way to restore connections bounding us with the Sacred Web of Life.

A modern civilized man is separated from nature by language. Languages of non-human entities such as Forest exist in different rhythmics and on a different level of complexity comparing to languages familiar to us. Now the "language" of the interaction of our civilization with forest varies from an axe to a forestation: trees are planted in neat rows which complexity level has nothing in common with the real forest.

The same methodology of the axe is coming to the place of the Festival: already weak forestations on the territory of Ecodorp Bergen are under the risk of being cut down. We see only one egalitarian way to decide about the future of these trees: to invite them to the collective discussion of the necessity of such victimizing and make the final decision together.
During the festival relying on different methods and practices we will give a chance for both sides, human and non-human, to interact with each other. We want to ask trees to be our teachers. We want to hear from birds why a forest is vital for them. We want to see how everything is interconnected in nature and reveal the beauty and complexity of ecosystems. We ready to realize how much we forgot or even never knew and open our minds for an alternative thinking.

Forest complexity level is much higher than the level of complexity of our technical systems which form our daily life. Actually those technical systems are like big Lego construction sets. The forest has not only a greater number of elements and connections than all technical systems we created, but those connections are also dynamic and a part of them is implicit. For instance, mycelium that started to be referred to as "the tree internet" is more complex than the internet. Mycelium and trees form a more complicated and resilient structure than calculated determined algorithms of the technosphere.

We understand we need a new scientific approach in which we invite to collaborate with scientists and keepers of the ancient knowledge of Nature. What we can learn not in sterile laboratories but in the forest university laboratory? Such laboratories you can find all over the world where nature still thrive. We invite you to one of them. Here you won't meet scientists in labcoats but just humans who believe in and search for new methodologies of studying and exploring our world. We will hold different lectures, body practices, meditations, and rituals. Our content and formats reflect the deep-ecology methods. Also we will invite you to try some of the technoshamanic practices based on the conscientious use of modern technologies.
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