This Broken Heart Syndrome will doubtless become even more widespread as our predicament worsens, and as more people wake up to it. But I’m discovering today that our Hearts are stronger than we think, and contain such an untapped store of wisdom, love and courage.

My Broken Heart (Kimberley Hare, Deep Adaptation facilitator & guide)

From now on, everyone who has the courage to look up is free from old stories, and therefore can tell some other story – a story that has not yet been told. But each of us is not alone. Stories are told to each other, so it’s not enough to invent a story – it needs to be shared with loved ones.

End of stories. Welcome to 2022 (Igor Polskiy, Deep Adaptation facilitation coordinator)

Let's become free together. Let's become safe together and maybe even find our flourishing together, for the very future of humanity and its cousins in the great web of life are depending on this work. Togetherness and the reunion of the whole human family is the only way – the true acceptance of our many ways of being.

Let’s become free together (Skeena Rathor, Extinction Rebellion co-leader and spokesperson)

We invite people who are not in denial about the situation and ready to live and to act together in the world as it is. We invited people of different professions and backgrounds, especially activists, artists, researchers and protectors of ecosystems, alternative education practitioners, urban and rural communities and ecovillages members, thinkers, philosophers and writers, social entrepreneurs, traditional knowledge holders, psychologists and psychotherapists, cultural workers, meditation practitioners, natural beekeepers, forest gardeners, seed savers and farmers practising regenerative agriculture.

During the process there will be no clear borders between organizers and participants. The Gathering is a joint action, defined by all participants as a living community of human beings.

Deep Live Gathering is an experimental multi-local non-commercial event organized by some participants of Deep Adaptation Forum, Relearn, Norwegian Seeds Savers, On the Edge, Radical Joy for Hard Times and We here projects. The Gathering has no financial support from DAF or other organizations. It is funded by donations; participants of local gatherings were invited to pay for living and travel costs and to help those who does not have this possibility. We are asking those who are able to support Deep Live Gathering.
Join those of us who are learning that strength doesn’t have to depend on control; that we can enjoy the true pleasures of life – community, connection, the security that comes of knowing that there are people who’ll help if you need it ...
There’s always a good reason to do the right thing. Not just because it feels better, or because it helps someone else, but because it just is. And because it is, we are..

COP26 – a daily reflection (Cat Jenkins, Deep Adaptation Forum communications coordinator)

Map of the Deep Live Gathering 2022
    Come around the fire, let us swap our stories of these ways of being and becoming, let us heal the wounds and tears this paradigm and system has inflicted on us. Let’s make kinship, let’s belong together and let’s love who we are and what we have left.

    Let’s become free together

    Skeena Rathor

    Videos from the last year

    Some documentaries and recordings of the events happened during the Gathering 2021:

    She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
    The Earth Ceremony day in Lovchen national park, Montenegro group, Balkans
    "The Practice of Living Tradition and Spiritual Forests Initiation" with Antonina Kulyasova and Konkankoh Joshua
    Earth ceremony - local groups sharing after Radical Joy ceremonies
    "Point of Return" documentary (don't forget to turn on subtitles)
    Who are we?
    The Deep Live Gathering international team
    • Irina Sardarova
      Master of ecology, researcher of plant disases, children eco-education practicioner, macrame artist
    • Cat Jenkins

      Communications Coordinator for the Deep Adaptation Forum. A tax justice and climate campaigner, www.Positive.News director. Christian, mother, recovered alcoholic and friend.

    • Katerina Po
      Mushroom-human. Looking for tools that can help to shift civilization development from an anthropocentric to a biocentric paradigm.
    • Igor Polskiy
      Master of cultural studies, PhD in social philosophy, Facilitation Coordinator in Deep Adaptation, board member of Russian Ecovillage and Eco-initiative Union.
    • Alisa Dendro
      The member of Baltic Ecovillage Network and Swedish NGO Relearn; an activist of European meta-network of community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainable development ECOLISE
    • Viviane Straub

      Human Ecologist, environmental activist, and staff member of the Swedish NGO Relearn focusing on transformative education and how to live more in alignment with the human and more-than-human world.

    • Dorian Cave
      PhD researcher at the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability, University of Cumbria (UK). Curator of the Professions' Network (and Acting Coordinator) on the Deep Adaptation Forum.
    • Abdul Otman
      Board member of Global Ecovillage Network Europe and Swedish NGO Relearn, staff member of ECOLISE. A student of life that can't miss a learning opportunity. From an IT engineer to a now ecovillage resident, preparing for our uncertain future.
    • Andrew McMillion
      Board member of the Norwegian Seed Savers and a farmer focused on seed saving, ecosystems, De-growth, Permaculture Deep Ecology and reconnecting with nature as a remedy to the climate crisis.
    • Michel Alexander Spaan
      Respiration, meditation, ecobuildiing and seedbank activist from France / Netherlands / Thailand / Montenegro
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