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Non-atropocentric architecture
Manifesto of non-atropocentric architecture
The most common view of the future is the extrapolated present. All will be like today, even better. Tomorrow we will become faster and stronger.

How does the most recognizable image of future architecture look like? You can google it by phrases "future city", "future architecture" etc., and you will see the pictures of architecture with flowing forms and green terraces, city farms and so on. We can say that it looks more eco-friendly than modern cities. But in fact, there is no big difference. The central principle of making such a city is still the same. It's anthropocentric ecology, when we search for a territory, deforest it and clear the space, build biomorphic houses and plant something green there, thus destroying natural world around the future city. This nature we've placed into sterile room isn't a part of a complicated ecosystem anymore. The city which is designed this way will never become a part of a real world of nature.

We try to critically evaluate such view of future architecture. We are rethinking how to change the main concept of urban construction, to find something fundamentally different. The rapid growth of human society in today's scenario leads to natural systems resiliency weakening. We want to draw your attention to the alternative scenario of the future that will be based on another philosophy and will bring new aesthetics. We call you to turn into reality this concept of the new architecture with us. We invite you to prototype it here and now as it's the most effective method of working with the future.

How should future architecture look like? We feel it like live architecture. In the truest sense of the word the new architecture should be biotic. Try to imagine a house where walls are formed by live trees. Such a building will keep on growing and existing in nature rhythmic. We are talking about dynamic architecture that will change with nature cycles in the most sensible way.

We can't rebuild the existing cities. But we can show an alternative way of our evolution in part of the architecture that can change the way of life in our cities and make it more nature-aligned. That is how we can break new ground.

We are looking for cooperation with every single one of you who feel the resonance with our view of the future. If you have any ideas and want to contribute, let us hear from you:
Future imagination
Technology visualization
Project roadmap
Autumn – Winter 2018
- The soulmates meeting
-The future image identity search
- Inspiration
- The project core formation
-The initial plan of future steps

- How can we sense the moment to plant a seed?
Spring 2019
- The stage of studying current technologies and gathering information regarding developed/completed projects. Experts search and knowledge library.
- Initial observation of the experimental area (soil, climate and other geographical features analysis). Final approval of the place.

- Could we go further with no permission?
- How to stay serious without losing a smile?
Summer 2019
- Funding and bureaucracy
- Research on grant programs and preparation/filing of an application
- Strumyani community municipality interaction (Strumyani is the experimental area location)
- Technology prototyping on related projects and in home conditions.

- Will it be raining today?
- How to loosen soil not using iron?

Autumn 2019
- The common journey of the project team to the experimental area.
- Introducing ourselves to the place and alignment with the nature, inquiry to experiment and settle down at the location.
- A mountain hike, a search for places of power and marking new locations on the project map.

- How to hear those with no voice?
- How many grams of buckwheat in one portion?

Winter 2019
- Funding confirmation.
- Spring event preparation.
- Technology prototyping on related projects and in home conditions. Tracking of realized "probes".

- Is there value of something not yet existing?
- What should we do on days that never existed?

Spring 2020
- The first open event on project with subject: "Formation methods of live / biodynamic architecture".
- Joint attempt to understand possible and known technologies with the experts and to put them into reality.

- How to keep balance in chaos?
- Could we hear each other when everyone is silent?

Summer 2019 and further
- Further observation of made plantings, reflection and planning of further steps of the project development.

This is just a beginning of a complicated and long process which will keep on evolving with us. This journey is our journey that will absorb all those concepts we have already carrying with us. From now on it will be filled with the images from future and parallel projects in attempt to realize different practices aimed on reflection and approaching our common future image.

- Are there invisible bridges?
- How is the tree doing?

Project team